Location: Cornfield Project, Coleraine

Responsibilities: project management, design, website development, production, worksheet creation

Cornfield Project


To create a subscription website for teachers to support school visits to the Cornfield Project location in Coleraine.



The Cornfield provides a great environment for learning.

The Cornfield Project is a Kew Gardens Grow Wild site located in Coleraine between the communities of Millburn and Ballysally.

There’s sensory gardens, an outdoor classroom, youth hang-outs, an allotment, woodland areas, wildflowers, bird and bat boxes, nature zones, project trails, bug hunts and loads more for everybody to participate in and enjoy.

Check out our Events page to see some of the free activities that are available.

Visit the Contact page for information on where to find us

We’ve teamed up with University of Ulster Biotechnology course directors to produce curricular-based lesson plans and teaching resources for use in the classroom and at the Cornfield.

Bespoke resources have been developed to align with Foundation, Key Stage 1 & Key Stage 2 learning.

This service will be accessible via a subscription facility.

Creating provision for Teachers at the Cornfield site

Add a Teachers section to the website for activities, worksheets, lesson plans and teachers notes. This section would be

  • accessible via a paid membership section and teachers must pay an annual subscription to access resources
    • be accessible via login in or registration
    • top-level pages of site are available to give teachers a taster of whats available – actual content- lessons plans etc require log-in to access
    • have a flexible theme template for teacher’s resources that allow content to be accessible on desktop and mobile
    • be divided into key stages
    • contain content targeting the Cornfield location
    • contain content for use at the Cornfield location and in the classroom
    • contain content designed to be used at specific locations at the Cornfield site which
    • Credit card and transfer are acceptable forms of payment
    • For each theme lesson plans are available in html with versions of lesson plan, worksheets, teachers notes available through links.
    • Worksheets are the only docs that need laid out for children
    • Additional pages required for ancillary knowledge such as location, how to use health and safety (see sitemap)