For: Community Relations Council NI

Responsibilities: project management, research, archive, storyboarding, writing, website design and coding, user-testing, promotional material, launch, suggested activities.

Platform: web, PC /tablet

Nominations: shortlisted for the Kieran Hegarty Interactivity Award at the Celtic Media Awards in 2015.

Decade of Centenaries


To produce a free-to-use digital resource that will disseminate the objectives of the CRC’s Remembering the Future – A Decade of Anniversaries to a non-specialist general audience.


The Decade of Centenaries Timeline uses images to explore the history of the North of Ireland from the Redistribution of Seats Act of 1885 to the suspension of the Boundary Commission in 1925. Key anniversaries such as the First World War and Easter Rising are broken down into a series of smaller, interrelated events with artefacts, documents, newspapers and photographs used to recount this tumultuous period in Irish history.


Our aim was to create an accurate and engaging historical timeline that provides a balanced view of events associated with the Decade of Anniversaries, to make these anniversaries inclusive by allowing viewers to understand different perceptions and interpretations of their own history and culture.

The anniversaries were broken down into a series of smaller, interrelated events to create a simple and engaging narrative. These events were then grouped by topic to provide sub-narratives. Images, rather than dates or text, provided the navigation through the events and topics. Each event is represented by a fact-file which is illustrated with an historical artefact; photograph or document to visually engage users and provide them with a factual underpinning to each event. On-screen text was kept to a minimum and simple language ensures that fact-files were accessible to a general audience.

When dealing with contentious subjects, it is essential to provide information that is accurate and unbiased in order to gain the trust of the viewer. It was therefore imperative that our research used trusted authors and featured a range of perspectives. Radical social, geo-political and technical changes over the intervening century made it necessary to provide information about the historical background to events, such as the British Empire, poverty, working conditions, industry, voting rights and the class system of Victorian/ Edwardian society.

As the timeline aims to introduce and engage people with the Decade of Anniversaries rather than to provide a definitive account of each event, we encourage users to explore topics further by using the weblinks and references to trusted educational resources and venues. Where possible, images from local libraries, museums and archives are included to encourage interested users to visit those venues.

Suggested activities accompany the Decade of Centenaries Timeline and are designed to be used with classes and community groups with KS3 curricular relevance included for more targeted learning experiences.